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3 Foods that Boost Your Immune System to Prevent Diseases

Everyone is aware that you become what you eat. If your eating habits are healthy it means that you are or will live a healthy life. A healthy life is not possible to live if your immune system is not strong. The role of the immune system in keeping you healthy is the biggest role in the body. You may be thinking of boosting or strengthening your immune system.

Before finding ways to boost the immune system, we need to understand the phenomenon of the immune system. The immune system is not a specific organ in the body like the heart or kidneys. According to the best doctors from hospitals in Multan, the immune system involves organs, cells, as well as tissues. 

This system in the body is responsible for carrying out the process of fighting pathogens. These pathogens are viruses and bacteria that can cause infections or diseases. If your immune system is healthy and boosted, there is a high chance that infections and other conditions will not affect your body severely.

When the immune system detects any pathogen in the body or comes into contact with it, this contact triggers an immune response in the body. After this contact, the immune system releases antibodies and they play a role in killing them.

Therefore, making the immune system strong and boosted becomes essential in order to live a healthy life. If you successfully boost your immune system, your health will improve and there will be no attacks of infections and diseases in your body.

Some foods along with beverages will play a role as superfoods for you. You can use these foods to strengthen your immune system and prevent many diseases.

Foods to Boost the Immune System

There are many foods and things available in the market that you can eat every day to strengthen your immune system. When there will be a boost in your immunity, the risks of a decline in your health will decrease. If infections and diseases are not affecting your body, it means that you are living a healthy life.

1. Blueberries

There is a presence of flavonoids in blueberries. We call this flavonoid anthocyanin. This anthocyanin leaves antioxidant effects in the body. These antioxidant effects can significantly strengthen the immune system of any person. A scientific study found that the consumption of flavonoids from blueberries can play a major role in improving the immune system of the respiratory tract.

Scientific studies are continuously indicating that people who consume blueberries are less like to experience upper respiratory tract infections than others. People who don’t consume blueberries are more likely to experience the common cold or bacterial infections. A patient with respiratory tract infections shared his personal experience regarding the use of blueberries.

This patient was experiencing respiratory tract infections for the previous some years. His symptoms started improving when started using medications for this problem. However, the problem came again and again after a span of some weeks. In the end, a pulmonologist diagnosed the real problem and told the patient that his immune system related to the respiratory system is weak.

Therefore, he needs to consume foods that improve the immunity of the respiratory tract. This patient tells that the pulmonologist was right about his problem. He started using blueberries to improve his immune system. The use of blueberries significantly improved my immune system against respiratory infections and now I experienced respiratory problems very often, the patient concluded.

2. Citrus Fruits

You have seen many people around you who begin to take vitamin C after they catch any mild to moderate bacterial infection. The reason behind using vitamin C against these problems is that it plays a role in building the immunity system.

The use of vitamin C from different sources helps in increasing the production of white blood cells. These white blood cells are key in helping the body to fight against infections. When you start thinking about consuming vitamin C, the first thing that comes to your mind is citrus fruits. 

It is believed that every citrus fruit is full of vitamin C. And you have a lot of choices to consume it in good amounts. You can squeeze any citrus fruit into your meal to increase the taste. For instance, you can squeeze lemons or oranges into your meals to consume vitamin C.

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants and we call these antioxidants theobromine. Using dark chocolate in some amounts every can improve our immune system by protecting the cells of body from free radicals. 

However, remember that this product is high in calories besides its benefits for the immune system. It also contains saturated fat. Therefore, these negative points of dark chocolate tell us that we need to use it in moderation to get maximum benefits.

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