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How to Prepare For Missions as a Law Enforcement Professional

Working as a law enforcement professional is a big feat. It is a reputable job and has a lot of benefit to it. But it also has similar threats to one’s life. Many times, law enforcement professionals have to take part in shootouts to protect people and take down the assailant(s). So, if you are one of the law enforcement personnel who is about to engage in a shootout or riot, then here is how you can prepare for it.

Tips to Prepare For a Mission


Military personnel who are about to go on a mission are often packed with protective equipment like a military bulletproof vest, ballistic helmet, and lethal equipment.

So, there is a high possibility they may need to confront an attacker and put them to sleep, which is not a task for a weak heart. And taking a life, be it an attacker, can mean a lot to humans. So, it is natural to feel uneasy and anxious.

So, try meditating and realizing the depth of the situation. When your why is stronger, the task becomes easy. So, try relaxing and calming yourself.

Check Your Gear

Before you actually step out on the battlefield, check your equipment properly and ensure everything is fine and in proper condition.

For example, if your military bulletproof vest has any cracks or folds, get it changed, as it can be a weak spot in the armor. A thorough check of armor and other protective equipment is a must before you hop on the battlefield.

Keep Your Cool

One of the most important things on the battlefield is to keep your emotions in check. Taking decisions based on a sudden burst of emotion can prove to be disastrous, so keep your calm and make thoughtful decisions during your time in the field.

Carry Medical Kit

You should attach a small personal medical kit to your military bulletproof vest or plate carrier. Body armor is frequently said to help prevent holes, plug holes, and make holes, in that order.

As a result, carrying a tiny first aid kit is essential since it could save your life if you are shot. As military personnel and police officers, you should always have a medical kit.

So that, when you put on your vest, you can immediately access all of the necessary equipment without having to rummage around looking for extra magazines or medical supplies.

Best Protective Equipment for Daily Protection

Military Bulletproof Vest

  • The military bulletproof vest and armor plates are made to provide ballistic protection to a person. There are four American Body Armour Standards levels: Level II, Level IIIA, Level III, and Level IV.
  • At close range, Level II and Level III-A soft armor can shield you from the most common pistol bullets. In contrast, level IIIA armor provides better protection and is impervious to bullets up to a.44 magnums.
  • This kind of soft armor is often worn by police officers over their regular clothing while patrolling.

Plate Carriers

  • Plate carriers are a type of vest that accommodate armor plates. It has long been utilized by the military and many other defense forces, and the plate carrier is now also accessible for civilians.
  • Many different designs and styles are available, but they can all incorporate ballistic inserts for soft or hard armor.
  • In addition, some plate carriers have radio and magazine pouches. Although there are several items that can be attached to the vest, such as smoke grenade launchers or hydration systems, you don’t actually need them for everyday defense.

Body Shield

  • There are various situations where a body shield can be used as safety equipment. For example, suppose a person is tasked to handle or stop a riot from entering a certain place.
  • The body shield is a tough armor that may or may not be bulletproof. But even the non-ballistic body shields are tough enough to stop multiple strikes from melee weapons.
  • You can use these shields to take control of the situation by stopping the projectiles and attacks from people. A body shield is most common during riots and brawls. There’s another shield known as the capture shield, which has an outward curve and is mostly used to capture brawlers and other people.

So, ensure you are fully prepared with appropriate equipment before hopping onto the battlefield. At the present time, several advancements have been made in personal defense. For example, there are more powerful vests and durable body shields, and many police and defense people also keep stun guns with themselves.

These small electric guns shoot powerful electric charges that numb the attacker and leave them in shock, giving law enforcement enough time to apprehend the person. So, these are the important pieces of equipment you can take with you to prepare for a mission.