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KickAss Torrents (KAT) New Sites in 2022

KAT is abbreviated as “KickAss Torrents” and is based on the sites that can be used to download any content, including movies, videos, series etc. United States authorities officially banned the KAT (Kickass Torrents) from past years as it is believed that they provide the people piracy content.

We will discuss KAT (KickAss Torrent) new alternative sites that can be used in 2022. In this article, we will give you know-how about the alternative torrent sites of KAT that are closely related to it. KAT is an original site, but the alternative sites will work similarly.

How can someone use KickAss Torrents?

To download your favourite video, movie or any series, people tend to use torrent sites to get high-quality related free content. For example, The pirate bay is the most popular torrent site and is rated top worldwide. And it is declared that there is no chance of KAT returning anytime. The United States removed the website a long time ago.

Is Any KAT (KickAss) Available Today?

If we talk about the same name as the “KAT” site, it is even available as a replica of the original one with the same name. It works the same, but it’s a copy of the original KickAss Site and replaced it.

Top Alternative Names to KAT (KickAss Torrent) 2022

There are a huge number of torrent sites that are now available on the internet and can be used to get high-quality results. Of those thousands of torrent sites, some are renowned and famous torrent sites and are used as an alternative to the KickAss Torrents. Some of the names are mentioned below:

  • The Pirate Bay
  • 1337X
  • Torrentz2
  • YTS
  • EZTV
  • Zooqle
  • TorrentDownloads
  • LimeTorrents
  • Torrends.to

Top 6 KAT Sites in 2022:

The Pirate Bay:

Pirate Bay is known as the most popular torrent site around the world. It is rated as the top torrent site and is designed to access all kinds of content torrents that are available in the form of different categories and almost all languages. It also provides a feature of subtitles that make your experience better.

The Pirate Bay is an extremely user-friendly torrent site, unlike other sites users find hard to use. It also allows you to navigate by finding your way through the site more simpler.

If you are using a VPN for downloading the torrent, then it makes it extremely easy to search and find your desired files to download.  But to make your device secure and safe, “military-grade protection. “

is a must while using VPN. Also, know about the country’s prohibition and laws regarding torrent sites before downloading any content.


The other most popular site in order to download torrents is RARBG. It gives you an equal opportunity to download torrents related to movies, Tv series and much more. It is known as an active site and provides a huge number of torrent links available on the site that includes Movies, Applications stuff and other ebooks stuff as well. It also gives you a feature to provide free premium access to different formats.


1337x is also known as the top-rated torrent site and is one of the oldest torrent sites. It is the 5th ranked site in the multi-niche sites. In a P2P network, 1337x contains thousands of shares of files.

It is also a user-friendly torrent site and is found to be easily accessible by users. The users reviewed it as an improvised site with a great layout design. The review also says that it includes a category of libraries and divides it into different sections with different types of movie files and other related files.

The unique feature of this site is the division of related files by searching according to the data that contains every movie’s file score, the genres, and the year it got released.


It provides thousands of search torrent links and files and is a powerful tool for torrent users. It contains almost 90 torrent platform sites.


It is not an advanced torrent site but is surely popular among thousands of torrent sites. It works the same as the other torrent apps, and the users find it entertaining.

It gives you high-quality files and contains a huge number of files, and is cherished by the users.


It is not the oldest but you can say a newest torrent site that is relatively providing a good number of data and torrent files that are verified.

The feature that is unique in Zooqle is that it gives you access according to Size, Category, Language and the released year.

It is basically based on files of movies and Series usually TV series.

KickAss Torrent Mirror:

  • Kat.rip
  • Kickasstorrents.cr
  • Kat.am
  • Kickasstorrents.to
  • Kat.ag
  • Kickass2.top
  • Kickass2.fun
  • Kickass.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

KickAss Torrent Seized? Why?

KAT was seized in the year 2016. The file was submitted against it by Vaulin and was investigated for two long years by the Us government under a US Dept. of Justice.

What is KAT?

KickAss Torrent is a torrent site used for P2P (peer to peer) sharing in order to get access to the files that contain content that is pirated.

How to make your device safe while using these torrent sites?

Always make sure to use a military protection VPN before using any torrent website and downloading a torrent into your device. Military protection will make your device safe and secure.