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List of Top 8 Ugly Cartoon Characters- 2022 

While growing up, almost all of us have watched Disney shows and cartoons. Regardless of any gender, we all have watched cartoons of all types. Some of them have been close to our hearts like cinderella. And many of them remained to us the ugliest and bitchiest characters ever. In this article, I’m going to discuss the top 8 ugly cartoon characters that I came across. 

Let’s now reveal the most disturbing and ugliest cartoons characters that ever existed. First of all, if we talk about “cartoons,” then you can surely agree that we grew up watching cartoons. cartoons always seem to be very attractive and cute in childhood. but with the adorable side characters of cartoons you might have witnessed some of the most ugly characters ever. If we talk seriously then cartoons are even watched by the adults and are not only confined to kids or children. 

Everybody loves watching cartoons especially the disney characters that always get quite attention too. Common lets find out if you feel these characters ugly too like we do. 

We are going to discuss a list of almost 8 ugly cartoon characters that are not cherished by anyone and people disliked them to the core of their hearts. 

  • Ursula (Little Mermaid)
  • Beavis and Butthead ( American Animated Series)
  • Dr. two Brains
  • Drizella and Anastasia Tremaine (Cinderella) 
  • Mr. Mackey 
  • Scar (Lion king)
  • Olive Oyl
  • Sideshow Bob

#1. Ursula [ The Little Mermaid ]

The most common villain of all time after the release of “The little mermaid”. She is basically a character portraying a sea witch. As the name sea witch suggests that it is not belong to any beauty or fancy person but opposite to that. Ursula is not a beauty queen or a princess of disney but is a witch and always wears a hell lot of makeup. She looks disgusting after putting so much makeup on her face. Prince Eric thought she was the ugliest as well. 

#2. Beavis and Butthead:

On the number ranking, to me Beavis & Butthead is the second most ugly cartoon character ever. The name itself shows that it really belongs to an ugly person. It is an animated series starring two main characters, mainly couch potatoes and are extremely unintelligent. 

They both are school going kids lacking social interaction and gave just uncool vibes. When they return home, they always eat and watch television. 

Not only ugly and uncool but are extremely contagious and keep breaking things. They are extremely illiterate and not emotional at all.

Mike Judge was the craziest creator that made a mess like this animated series. But to be very honest it got much more popular. 

#3. Dr two brains

A true man likes appearance based cartoons.  This cartoon character was constructed entirely on a mad scientist. It was a comic fictional story based on a mad criminal scientist. He is basically a cheese lover. He loves to eat cheese and cheat for cheese. That’s what makes this character funny and goofy as well. He uses almost all kinds of different techniques for obtaining cheese. That’s what makes Dr two brains the most entertaining and ugly character of cartoons. 

#4. Drizella and Anastasia Tremaine 

Every child has seen Cinderella and her two step sisters cartoons. The two step sisters named Drizella ( green gown) and Anastasia (purple gown) Tremaine get quite a lot of attention during these cartoons. Even now, people love to watch cinderella. These sisters have big mouths full of bad makeup and big feet as well. The both ugly sisters were jealous of their sister cinderella. Because they lacked beauty, they got jealous of cinderella. 

#5. Mr Mackey

The cartoon character Mr Mackey is the ugliest character of all time. His face looks bizarre. The main thing this character got attention is because of not pronouncing his name correctly. He talks in the southern language and is extremely ugly in looks. He is forty years old, a big-headed, genius, ugly guy famous in the cartoon world. 

#6. Scar

Lion king? Everyone knows what the lion king means to every child. Not only to children but to every age, lion king belongs to hearts. Lion King is based on the story of two brothers, Mufasa and Scar. The Scar was the first uncle of Simba and wanted to kill his dad mufasa in order to achieve all the kingdom shares of his brother. He is known as the ugliest and hated cartoon character ever in history. 

#7. Olive Oyl 

The unattractive and ugly child, olive oyl. She had long hair with very large eyes and seemed to be very ugly on the screen. 

Not only outside ugly, but she is an ugly character from inside with a lot of irritated, selfish and forgetful personality. 

That character was played in several series like looney tunes and also in Merrie melodies. 

#8. Side show Bob

The simpsons’ most popular ugly character is sideshow bob. He seems genius but is a mad guy with ugly looks and no self-esteem.