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The New CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0 Certification

Certifications have become quite popular among people. People have been struggling to get those certifications to improve their earnings. A lot of people have been struggling and practicing to get certifications. CCIE certifications are quite popular among people. These certificates not only help people to earn a worthy certificate but also improve and guarantee job opportunities.

CCIE enterprise wireless certification helps prove a candidate’s ability to handle complex enterprise wireless solutions. CISCO has designed this CCIE enterprise wireless certification program. This program is designed to meet the modern complex enterprise wireless technologies and expert-level jobs. Automation and programmability are other factors that can help you to improve and scale enterprise wireless infrastructure. You can try this CCIE Enterprise Wireless out.

The training courses for CCIE enterprise wireless certifications help the candidates and give them a chance to enhance their knowledge and skill in modern wireless technologies. The certified industry lab experts and trainers train the candidates and give them in-depth concepts with the availability of the best lab facilities.

After completing the courses, the candidates have become capable of planning, designing, operating, and optimizing complex enterprise wireless networks. CCIE enterprise wireless certification training gives the experience of wireless core technologies of the high-level skills for the candidates to make them capable of handling complex wireless networks.


A lot of people are interested in knowing if there is a prerequisite for the CCIE enterprise wireless certification exam. However, it is to be mentioned that this program does not have a formal prerequisite. However, the candidates should have a deep understanding of exam topics. Moreover, they should have at least 3-5 years of experience working with enterprise wireless technologies.

Course exam

The candidates have to pass the course exam to get the certification. It is to be mentioned that the course exam consists of two exams.

  • Qualifying exam
  • Lab exam

1. Qualifying exam

The duration of a qualifying exam is 2 hours. ENCOR 350-401 is the common exam for this purpose. When a candidate passes the qualifying exam, Cisco gives the specialist certification that proves that the candidate is ready to get the final certification.

The qualifying exam checks the candidate’s knowledge and skills required to do the core enterprise network technologies, including network automation, network assurance, network security, infrastructure, virtualization, and dual-stack architecture.

2. The lab exam

After passing the qualifying exam, the candidate has to pass the lab exam. The lab exam is a CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0. The duration of the lab exam is 8 hours. The lab exams are done to check the particular skills of the candidate to optimize, operate, implement, design, and plan complex enterprise wireless networks. According to the lab exam, the candidate is expected to automate and program the networks in the exams. For more details, visit the website.

Exam topics for the lab exam

A lot of candidates are interested in knowing the particular lab exam topics. These include:

  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Assurance
  • Wireless business application and services
  • Wireless security and identity management
  • Enterprise wireless networks
  • Enterprise wired campus
  • Radiofrequency and standards

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