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Ukraine & Russia war conflict leading to food crisis in somalia

SOMALIA – Food crisis involves drought and people dying from hunger. On the 2nd day a report suggests a five year old child named amna abdii lost her powers to walk for lifetime. Medical reports suggest one week of starvation for the child. Physical examination of her body shows symptoms of a skinny body and thinning of the skin showing skeleton, and starvation showing for not getting enough malnutrition. She was found in between the orange desert surviving from the scorching sun.

Not in Somalia, but in Afghanistan too. A local worker named Jamal as a humanitarian elaborated on how the war conflict between two parties affected the other countries and led to global crisis. He also said that in future there should be some actions regarding this situation otherwise it will lead to a permanent food crisis across the globe in some of the regions.

Russia and ukraine war conflict: leds to grain shortage worldwidely

The war conflict between two parties is now leading to shortage of grain supplies that is the reason for leaving the world to suffer more and ultimately increasing the prices of food and making it more difficult for regions like deserts to survive. It will simply in the future worsen the situation more and more, as hunger will increase and will have a negative impact on the political stability of many countries.

Initially, the world was fighting for the survival of the people that are being killed and harmed but now there are more worrying about food and how to make world hunger free says the humanitarian, Jamal ud din.

If we talk about a particular country, Afghanistan, that is now facing darker days and there are no opportunities present in employment. For the future, it seems like we are running out of everything that can bring peace and stability to afghanistan.

Jamal ud din added that his country is facing a serious food crisis, and hunger is becoming a serious issue in this country right now.

According to CPI ( Consumer price index), food is the far most important aspect in the overall single category. Economists are hired to calculate the cost overall of living for people. International Monetary funding showed 40% average and half of it is rising cost of consumption is in asian countries especially india & pakistan.

People around the world are facing inflation and are protesting for the basic items. Asian countries including Greece, Iran and argentina. Approximately 300% prices of rose staples of flour increased in iran, and people are protesting for it.

Almost 75 speakers addresses Security Council the issue of lack of grain exporting

COVID-19 brings the economy down and inflation increases leads to a food crisis. The war conflict going on is severely affected grains exports and thus lac of grains exporting is addressed by the 75 speakers of the security council in open debate about food crisis and how to take food security in the future for

the world.

Antonio G., Sec. General of UN addresses the current condition of hunger

The secretary general of the U.N said that when there’s a chance of war, people suffer from hunger and food crisis. He also claims that almost 60 percent of the world is right now malnourished where the food crisis exists.

A huge alarming looms

The top ten countries that are surviving from the food crisis in 2021 are:

  • Sudan
  • Haiti
  • Congo
  • Afghanistan
  • Nigeria
  • Ethiopia
  • South sudan
  • Yemen
  • Pakistan
  • Syria

It includes about 140 million people in these countries that altogether suffer from the situation. He also said that if you fail as an economy, then the people pays a high price for living and usually it’s hungry people that do not have basic needs to live on.

In april, WFP ( world food programme) helped and reached almost 2 million Ukraine people and brought food and money to them. Also added that For CERF ( central emergency response fund) raised almost 30 million dollars for specific drops on the ocean regions including Mali, Niger and B. Faso.

Almost 40 countries are suffering from food crisis and emergency services are imposed as the conflict between ukraine and russia going on leading to ending of exporting food from ukraine which has indirectly increased the inflation of staple food upto 35 % that is an alarming situation in the eastern regions and across africa.

Jonathan Cliborn, Irish immigrant, surviving in ukraine:

J. C. is working as a farmer in the Ukraine and living on his farm along western side of Ukraine with his family of three sons and a wife. He said he is working for the delivery of his plants containing seed corn and sunflower seed.

He said he keeps on checking his relatives and those who are suffering from the war zone, providing shelter and trying his best to save his farms. He said not only people of Ukraine but also people around the world will go hungry if the conflict happens to be a world war.